Let’s Talk Possessing the Alpha

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Actually, let’s talk about the entire month of April and why I’m writing this post at 3:15 AM. I destroyed my sleep schedule in the month of April because I have (historically speaking) the absolute WORST time management skills in … Continued

25 Reasons To Check Out Fated Mates

25 Reasons to Check Out Fated Mates ASAP: Don’t forget to enter to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway by clicking the image at the top of the page!

1 Winner – 8 Ways to Enter | Fated Mates Giveaway

There are eight super-easy ways to enter this week’s Fated Mates giveaway. Only one person will win, though, so get in as many of the different ways as you can to win. This giveaway ends on April 18, 2019. You … Continued

Patreon Price Drop

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A lot of the things I’ve read cautioned against what I’m about to do. They suggested that if you’re only going to offer a single tier on Patreon, that you should put it at a higher price point than you … Continued

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