A Court of Blood and Ice

ABOUT A Court of Blood And Ice


Vampire princess Snow Von Herrick lies in her glass coffin somewhere in the Black Forest. Now it’s up to the Hunter, Arik Evrard, to find her and bring her back to life to prevent her throne from going to the evil queen…

She’d promised to love her prince for all eternity, but that was before he betrayed her and turned her love to hate. 

Now vampire princess Snow only wants revenge on the one who turned her and took her life and her love.

And she’ll get the chance to return that favor when the prince and his new bride the queen ride through the forest…her forest.

But after one hundred years in slumber, things have changed. And the Hunter who once was her enemy has become the only one she trusts…and the one who just might redeem the heart she thought forever blackened.

Planned Installments:

Snow Fall (Short Prequel)
Black Heart (Book 1)
Ice Storm (Book 2)
Blood Reign (Book 3)

Coming Soon