A Siren's Sacrifice

A Siren’s Sacrifice

The Bayshore Witch Legacy – Prequel

An immortal siren with blood on her hands. A playboy pirate with nothing to lose. Treasures and treachery beyond either of their wildest dreams.

Desiree deserves to die, and she’s hell-bent on finding a mortal foolish enough to help put an end to her eternal shame. It doesn’t matter that it was an accident; she will never forgive herself for losing control. 

Starving, miserable, and hopeless, Desiree cannot end her life by her own hand. Caught in the net of a privateer ship, she finds her answer in Elijah DuBois, an ambitious would-be pirate hungry for a better station in life. Bribing him with a written guarantee of unbelievable treasure if he does as she requests, he hides her from the crew until he can sneak her ashore. 

Despite his promises to help, Desiree’s hunger grows by the hour as Elijah finds ways to delay ending her life. Terrified of losing control again, and torn by the unexpected attraction to the mortal who promised to end her suffering, Desiree must choose: feed on Elijah and risk killing him, or chance finding another way to end her life. 

Fans of Kresley Cole and Christine Feehan will devour this spellbinding, poignant new mermaid romance from USA Today Bestselling Author C. J. Beaumont.

In this story, meet the siren who sired a legacy of magic in Bayshore, Alabama.

About The Bayshore Witch Legacy

Roxanne Cole’s little sister Kathryn turned the world upside-down when she outed witches as real, then disappeared without a trace. Now members of the coven are turning up dead, and the longer Kat’s missing, the more desperate Roxy is to find her…so desperate, in fact, that she’s hired her pretty-boy nemesis, P.I. Ray Hammond, to help her find Kat and ensure that she’s not the next witch to die.

Follow Roxy and Ray through this up-and-coming slow-burn paranormal romance series as they race against time and prophecy to save the only family Roxy has left.