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Deadly Destiny


Exclusive Reverse Harem Paranormal Romantic Suspense

If destiny’s a witch, then trouble’s her familiar.

Exiled witch Selene Avery is doing her best to bounce back and blend in with the crowd in Blackvale Falls after a catastrophic misunderstanding. A disturbingly powerful spell snatched her up in the middle of her freshman lit course at Goldendale University and spit her out in the middle of a crime scene. When the world stopped spinning and the victims stopped screaming, Selene was left standing in the middle of the Supernatural High Council’s chambers. It looked bad—no, it looked the worst. When the guards rushed in, they assumed Selene was the killer, rather than a hapless decoy.

They wanted to kill her on the spot, but she pleaded for her life and convinced them to contact her coven, sure that they would vouch for her. Only problem is, they did no such thing. They washed their hands of her, cast her out, and threw her to the wolves…not to mention every other supernatural faction who now believed her to be a cold-blooded killer. So, Selene did the only thing she could do under the circumstances. She changed her appearance, ran like hell, and started her life over in a new city far, far away from Goldendale, hoping to the Goddess that her past wouldn’t catch up with her. Too bad there’s now a country-wide bounty on her head, and it takes more than a perm, a color change, and a fake ID to throw the factions off her trail.

All it takes to upset the new equilibrium she worked so hard to find is one bad night out at a nightclub with her coworkers, and the nationwide broadcast announcing the five-hundred thousand dollar bounty on her head. Chaos erupts when a patron at the bar recognizes Selene. She has nowhere to go, no money to make a run for it with, and she’s certain that she’s doomed. One of the girls from work—Leah—takes pity on her, starts a fight, and shoves Selene out an emergency exit, and right into the arms of the bouncer. Selene knows she’s done for, until Leah orders him to help Selene escape.

Now, Selene must figure out a way to prove she’s not a killer, all while dodging a drop-dead gorgeous bounty hunter, sexy detective, and money-hungry hacker, all of whom she feels strangely drawn to.

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About Deadly Destiny

Deadly Destiny is an exclusive reverse harem paranormal romantic suspense serial available only to C. J. Beaumont’s newsletter subscribers. You can’t get this story anywhere else! 

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