As an author, I do a lot of reading as well as writing and networking with other authors. This gives me the ability to bring you ravenous readers plenty of book recommendations. Not only will I share them in my newsletter, but you can also check out the book of the day in the sidebar.

I will also keep a collection of past recommendations and books I love from my author friends for your reference on this page, should you need them.

I know I see a lot of book recommendations in emails, and I constantly tell myself I’m going to go back and get that book, but then the email gets buried in the chaos of my inbox and it (more likely than not) doesn’t happen the way I planned.

That’s what made me decide to start keeping my recommendations here for you guys, too! I don’t have everything I’ve ever recommended here, but I do have a bunch of them, and will try to keep up with my daily recommendations here in the future.

Please note that some of the collections I’m featuring here are limited edition collections, and thus will not be available forever. Snag them while you can!

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