Did you know that Logan, Roxy’s familiar in The Bayshore Witch Legacy series, was actually based on an actual cat my husband and I adopted shortly after we got together? He was, hands down, the best, most loving, and most even-tempered cat we’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to have Logan with us for very long. The rescue that had placed Logan in our local pet store claimed that they had given him all the standard health screenings before placing him. They may have. Who knows? I don’t know how common false positives are with those tests.

Not long after we got him, his health started declining rapidly despite us taking the absolute best care of him and spoiling him unimaginably. So, we took him to the vet and discovered that Logan had feline leukemia, and it was already late-stage by the time we’d adopted him. The vet advised us that poor Logan was in a lot of pain and suffering badly, so we had to make the decision to have him put to sleep so our sweet boy wouldn’t suffer anymore.

Having to make that decision and losing our precious Logan absolutely broke my heart, and I promised myself on that day that I would immortalize our sweet cuddle bug in fiction. That’s why Roxy’s familiar in The Bayshore Witch Legacy series is a black cat named Logan.

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