Coven of Secrets Progress Update

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I just completed the Writing phase of Coven of Secrets! Now onward to Beta Reads & Editing!

Coven of Secrets Cover Image
Coven of Secrets
Due:3 months ago

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  1. Already grabbed your book. Have set up a promotion business for indie Author’s. I am still giving away special FREE PROMOTION’S for another 2 weeks if your interested.
    I love the look and sound of your book so any media information about you or your book’s would be great if you would like to go ahead. Message me if you would like the promo ok.
    Again Thank you,
    Michelle Chantler

    • cjbeaumont

      Hi, Michelle! Thanks for commenting, and thanks for picking up my book. I will DEFINITELY be sure to check out your services. I appreciate you.

      C. J.

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