I thought you guys might like occasional updates on how things are going with my writing. I’m currently working on putting out a print copy of Wish!

If you’d like a digital copy of Wish, it’s exclusively available in the Fierce and Fated collection on Apple Books.

My amazing co-author, April Canavan, is currently formatting our interior file. I’ll be uploading it for the ARC Team ASAP. You can follow my book progress with the handy-dandy little widget in the sidebar, as well as checking it out below.

The Blood Hunter's Dragon
Coven of Secrets Cover Image
Coven of Secrets
Seducing the Alpha
Due:2 years ago
Mistletoe Marked: A Southern Shifters Saga Christmas Short
Mistletoe Marked
Coven of Lies
Phase:Overall Word Count Goal

Generally, we writers like to have a lot more time to get reviews before officially releasing the book, but things with the Fierce and Fated, Fate’s Call, and Fated Mates collections are moving at a SPECTACULARLY motivational, quick pace. It’s got me working harder and faster than I usually do, but I’m loving every second of working with the people in these amazing collections.

If you’re excited about Wish, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments!

P. S. Check out this ADORABLE chapter heading art that Jess Reece was sweet enough to do for us! I kind of want to get a tattoo of it now.

Wish Chapter Art: A Black Cat With a Smoking Vial of Potion
Wish Chapter Art by Jess Reece