I just made progress on Wish! So far I’m 80% complete on the ARC Reads phase; 5 Weeks remain until the deadline. This is just the first of many new paranormal romance books I plan to release this year. 

Phase:ARC Reads
Due:3 years ago

ARCs were sent out yesterday, and I’m CRAZY excited to see what my team has to say about it!

If you’re wondering what else I have going on with Wish outside it going out to the ARC team, I do have news for you. I know a lot of you were disappointed that you couldn’t get a digital copy of Wish because it’s an AppleBooks exclusive with Fierce and Fated, so I checked into things and found out it would be fine if I put out print copies of it, as long as the digital copy remained exclusive.

So, I spent the last week and a half getting print versions of Wish ready to go. You can get it on Amazon; it’s available now! 

It will also be available in print via Barnes & Noble soon. I’ll notify you when that goes live, too!

I’m insanely stoked that my favorite quirky witch’s romance has a paperback version now!