So, my friends and I are currently hosting a The Vampire Diaries themed giveaway with $250 in awesome TVD swag! You can ENTER HERE.

To celebrate the month of love, we’re giving a ton of awesome Vampire Diaries goodies to one lucky winner so they embrace the darkness and fall in love with all manner of devilishly handsome beasts that roam the night.

Prizes include: Vampire Diaries – Season 1-8 2017 Region Free, The first 13 novels, CafePress Bite Me Mug Unique Coffee Mug, Coffee Cup, Silver Plated Rhinestone Elena’s Vervain Necklace Locket Pendant, Ikevan 2017 Hot Selling Fashion Vintage Salvatore Damon Stefan finger Family Crest Rings, and Unlocking the Secrets of Mystic Falls.

Covers and editions may not be the exact ones pictured depending on availability. Not open to EU residents.

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Want a look at what’s included in the prize pack? Check out the images below.

The Vampire Diaries giveaway prize pack part 1
The Vampire Diaries giveaway prize pack part 2