I hate to admit that I’ve been struggling and procrastinating with this story for a while now, but I’ve finally got an update for you on The Blood Hunter’s Dragon. I finished up tweaking and polishing my outline for this story today.

Why spend so much time worrying in the outline phase? I do most of my fretting and fixing during the outlining phase. Why? So I don’t have to do as many re-writes during the actual writing phase. As for what’s going on with the writing phase, I’m going to see just how many chapters of this story I can knock out between this week and next week.

Once I have it out to my beta readers, it’ll be time to put my nose back to the grindstone on Possessing the Alpha because that’s due to the Fated Mates boxed set very soon!

Basically, I let my other work put me in a time crunch on my writing, but I’m determined to get that all balanced out in the coming months so I can continue to put great stories out for you guys in a more timely manner.