25 Reasons to Check out Fated Mates

Okay, so to be totally fair the first 25 reasons I thought of were the 25 dollars we were giving away in the form of a $25 Amazon Gift Card, which has now been won.

However, in the spirit of fulfilling expectations, here are 25 MORE reasons to check this collection out ASAP:

  1. Value for your money. If you grab this Limited Edition Collection while it’s still on preorder, you’re getting 23 full-length paranormal romance and reverse harem shifter novels for just $0.99.
  2. Variety. We’ve got vampires, witches, and dozens of different kinds of shifters in our stories! Some are reverse harem, while some are more traditional paranormal romance. There’s a little bit of something for every taste in this collection.
  3. Did we mention the reverse harem part? If you’ve caught the sexy reverse harem fever sweeping today’s book industry, this collection has scads of new harems for you to fall in love with.
  4. Weekly giveaways. We’re so excited about this upcoming collection that we’re giving away Amazon gift cards (not to mention all kinds of great goodies) every single week leading up to release. Celebrate with us and enter for your chance to win!
  5. Freebies. We’ve got two FANTASTIC and completely free sister anthologies available for you to check out right now. We’re sure they’ll keep you entertained while you wait for Fated Mates to release. Check out Fierce and Fated as well as Fate’s Call today.
  6. A vast array of authors. We’ve got plenty of talent to discover in this set. From USA Today Bestselling authors to brand-spanking-new authors who are just getting started rocking people’s worlds. You can uncover writers with big backlists and writers who’ll have you on the edge of your seat, anxious for their next new release. Give this set a look and find some new-to-you authors to follow.
  7. Danerys isn’t the only one who has dragons. We’ve got them, too. More specifically, this set’s packing a couple of sexy dragon shifter stories that’ll knock your socks off.
  8. Vampires. Still not over The Vampire Diaries ending? Me, either, but Fated mates has a couple of vampire novels I know you’re going to love.
  9. Magic. If you loved Supernatural or you’re super into what they’re doing with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I promise there’s a book in our set for you. We’ve got wicked-hot protectors and witches, too.
  10. Mythology. We’ve honestly got everything from the descendant of a gorgon to sexy gargoyles. If you’ve been waiting for a steamier kind of clash of the Titans, we’ve got books just for you in this collection.
  11. Mayhem. If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of the drama (as long as it’s in fiction–not your real life). We’ve got murders, mysteries, mutinies and more waiting for you.
  12. Fated Mates. This one seems a little obvious and possibly overstated, but I couldn’t go without saying it. Every single one of the novels in this collection is built on the fated mates trope you know and love.
  13. A sexy reverse harem Jungle Book retelling. I’m honestly CRAZY about the premise of Orphan Entangled by Keira Blackwood and Liza Street. Plus, the excerpts I’ve read are HOT, and you can only get it in Fated Mates.
  14. Second chances. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a sucker for second chances in romance. I can’t wait to read how things work out for siren Lorelei and her long-lost lover in Captivity by Sarah Biglow and Molly Zenk.
  15. Alpha females…literally. This set is packed with kickass heroines who know how to handle themselves and step up to the plate when times get tough. They’re ready to learn what it truly means to be the Alpha.
  16. Brand new series. Many of the books included in this collection are starters for brand new series from these authors, so you can count on lots of sexy shifters and reverse harems to come. (Pun mostly intended.)
  17. ALL the new book boyfriends. Seriously, we’ve got more shirtless hotties than the Twilight Saga and True Blood combined! Take your pick because there are plenty to go around. Hell…by the time it’s over you’ll probably have lots of guys you want to add to the reverse harem of your dreams.
  18. SEX, honey, and plenty of it. Sweet, steamy, taboo, tantalizing, gentle, kinky, all-shades-of-the-rainbow SEX. There’s no such thing as kink shaming within these pages. Once you get your teeth into Fated Mates, you’ll learn all about the spicy, scintillating secrets your inner seductress desires.
  19. Witty banter. Sassy, smart-ass women and wicked, foul-mouthed men, snarking it back and forth with the hilarious adult humor you love.
  20. Twisted tropes. You might think you know what’s coming, but you are in for some steamy surprises with this collection.
  21. Drop-dead gorgeous cover art. Not only is the Fated Mates collection cover absolutely swoon-worthy, but the different covers for individual novels within this collection are also absolute knockouts. You can check them out by following my fellow authors within the set.
  22. Free gifts with the purchase of the set. You can get 13+ books as free gifts with proof of purchase of the Fated Mates set. Any way you look at it, free books are a sweet deal. (And that number doesn’t even count the number of stories in the amazing sister collections to this set.)
  23. Bragging rights. You should get a trophy for being savvy enough to pick up a fabulous collection before it’s even LIVE. When other people start jumping on these sexy ships, you can do a little hardcore fangirl gloating because you got here first. (Not to mention snagging it before the price goes up.
  24. Hours of bookish escapes. You’re getting over twenty full-length novels, here. That’s more than twenty new worlds for you to explore and fall in love with when Fated Mates releases on June 4.
  25. Indie authors will fangirl as much over you as you do over them, if not more. No, seriously. I know I’m not the only author in this set who gets stupid excited when a reader becomes a fan of my work. I legit want to be friends with all my readers. And what reader wouldn’t be STOKED to have over 20 writer friends on tap for new books, new series, and general shenanigans?
  26. BONUS: It’s a limited edition. This collection isn’t going to be around forever. You can be one of the few to snag these amazing novels before the set disappears forever. You don’t really need more than 25 reasons. What you need is to get your hot little hands on this collection, and immerse yourself in the world of Fated Mates the instant it goes live.

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