Attractive book layout banner featuring The Blood Hunter's Dragon by C. J. Beaumont.

Let’s talk about The Blood Hunter’s Dragon, guys. I faced more than one hiccup when releasing this book. Just the term “technical difficulties” makes me shudder now, not to mention actually dealing with them in the middle of a release. The overwhelmingly positive response to this story made every bump in the road worth it, though!

Wondering what the technical difficulties were? I uploaded the correct, completed file for the book in plenty of time for it to be delivered to all retailers, but there was a glitch. Some people actually got delivered the dummy file instead of the finished product. (Yeah, the one-star review for that has me cringing hard.)

The good news is that I did everything in my power to correct the problem on my end. The publishing venue I used did everything they could on their end, as well. After weeks–almost a month, actually–of digging through the issues, the problem has been fixed, and TBHD is out in the world!

Just an FYI: if you still have a file for TBHD that doesn’t contain the actual story, you can contact support for the eReader you use and have them push the correct file out to you manually. How do I know this? That’s what I had to do for the correct file to show up in the Kindle app on my phone.

Have you read The Blood Hunter’s Dragon yet? If so, what did you think? If you’d like to know more about my intent or process with this story, don’t hesitate to pop in the comments and let me know!

Map layout with The Blood Hunter's Dragon displayed on an eReader.