This #ManicMonday, I’m playing the waiting game, but I’m also trying to stay focused on moving forward. You probably have two questions right now.

  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. What are you doing to focus on moving forward?

Lucky for you, I’ve got answers to both of your insightful questions.

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First of all, the rest of the Fated Mates team and I are waiting to find out whether or not all our hard work aiming for the USA Today Bestseller List paid off. As a group, we’ve worked our asses off with this goal in mind for nine months straight. The wait between the work and finding out whether or not we reached our goal is EXCRUCIATING. I know, deep down, that it’s driving us all crazy.

So, what am I doing to focus on moving forward? I’m working hard in the self-improvement department. I’m working toward becoming a much more productive writer with some tips I learned from Rebecca Hamilton. I also started reading Lifelong Writing Habit by Chris Fox this week (mainly because I know I need help with consistent habits and I LOVED his first book, 5,000 Words Per Hour).

A thing you might not know about me is that I kind of hate exercise for a laundry list of reasons I’m not going to bombard you with at the moment. (I will mention that flat feet and orthotics are no walk in the park, however.) It’s not fun for me. I don’t know what these endorphins everyone speaks of have to do with me, because I don’t get that feel-good burst of hormones when I work out. Still, I knew I had a legitimately insane amount of anxious energy going on today, so I made myself work out. I only managed 20 minutes before I had to tap out due to foot pain, but it’s 20 more minutes than I have been doing. That counts for something, right?

I did one other thing that I usually hate doing today as a result of my Chris Fox reading. I got up early today. Let me be real with you. I have never considered myself a morning person before. Getting up early wasn’t particularly fun, either. It was, however, spectacularly productive for me. I checked FIFTEEN things off my to-do list for today before lunchtime. (That INCLUDES a dedicated two-hour writing session very first thing this morning!) You guys…that is CRAZY. I usually don’t even get my day started before I take my husband lunch and eat with him at work. I got so much done I don’t even know what to do with myself! Today has been the most productive day I’ve had since I graduated college in 2012. It might even be my most productive day ever.

Here’s to a more productive writing life whether I hit the USA Today Bestseller list or not!