Hey, reader tribe!

My kitty is currently making it SUPER hard to type (sitting on my chest/tackling my arm), but I wanted to take a few minutes to reach out and update you on the kinds of things you can look forward to on this blog, in the event that I ever get my shit together. (I wish I was kidding on that front, but you guys know I’m not.)

Today was an exceptionally difficult day, and I’m struggling to marshal my thoughts appropriately. I’ll save the gory details for another time and just get straight to the point here. I’m developing a posting system that I hope to stick to so you all can know what to expect on any given day when visiting my blog.

There will usually only be two posts (maximum, with very few exceptions) each day of the week (on weeks when I’m not having a terrible health week, or dealing with other unforeseen circumstances). There will be the possibility of one “Book of the Day” post each day on the blog, provided I have submissions to provide you with. Here are some of the other kinds of posts you can expect to see, organized by day of the week:

  • Sundays: New Giveaway Opportunities, Occasional Scavenger Hunt Posts, Deleted Scenes
  • Mondays: Current Events, My Recent Work Updates, Memes About My Book Genres
  • Tuesdays: Interviews With My Team, Book Cover Reveals, Based On a True Story, Teasers
  • Wednesdays: Winner Announcements, Why I Write, Jokes In My Genres
  • Thursdays: Author Q & A, Book Q & A, Character Sketches of My Heroes
  • Fridays: My Favorite Books, Short Book Reviews, A Day In The Life/C. J. Behind the Scenes
  • Saturdays: Share the Love, Advice from a Character, Movies & Shows My Readers Should Watch

I hope this helps you know what to expect (and when)! 

I’d also like to let you know that I plan to send out email notifications when new giveaways become available. It’s part of a larger overall adjustment to the way my newsletter works to serve my readers and fans. Most of the time, I plan to stick to the once a week newsletter on Sundays. Exceptions to that rule include giveaway announcements and new release announcements. There may be other adjustments as well, but I will inform you if there are. 

As usual, you can look for everything else in the meantime on this blog.

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