In addition to being one of my absolute favorite people in general, Jennifer Laslie also happens to be an incredible author. She’s got a new release dropping in just a few days, and you’re going to want to pre-order it so you can read it the second release day rolls around. 

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Mortality might kill him if the crazy witch that hexed him doesn’t first.

When Ashton finds himself at the wrong end of a powerful witch’s hex, gone is his comfortable life as a bartender at Hallow’s End. With his gift of thrall, he never wanted for beautiful women — human or supernatural — to warm his bed and satiate his hunger. But plagued with mortality, he’s lost his coordination, strength, and the one power that helped him catch a meal.

Gray hairs and body aches are only the first warning signs of a bigger problem. If Ashton can’t break the spell, he’s not sure he’ll make it to next week. Faced with the choice to either relive a mistake or let the hex do him in, he enlists the help of his best friend, Tensley.

Together, they embark on a trip from Texas to New York in search of the one thing they believe can cure Ashton. Only, Ashton can’t tell what’s in more danger, his immortality or the walls he’s put up around his heart. Will he be able to endure the dangers ahead without losing himself to the nightmares of his past?

Fans of Jeaniene Frost and Janet Evanovich will enjoy the humor and steam of What the Hex Happened as well as the rest of the Unfortunate Spells series.

One-click today and find out if Ashton can survive life as a human after being a vampire for over two centurues.

Pre-order and be the first to find out exactly what the hex happened!

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