Okay, so I may or may not have had a lifelong obsession with Nancy Drew before this show came along. Totally guilty on that front.

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I’ll also readily admit that I had EXTREMELY mixed feelings about the show when I first started watching. I was coming into it carrying a lot of book and video game canon baggage, and the show was NOTHING like I expected it to be. Still, despite being jarringly different from my expectations, the show has grown on me.



I made a swift transition from feeling like I wasn’t going to like this show because it’s what I like to call “not your mamma’s Nancy Drew” because it wasn’t the familiar Nancy I already know and love, to not being able to wait for the next episode to drop.

Fans of Coven of Secrets have loved that it’s a dark, gritty, edgy, leave-you-breathless-and-begging-for-more supernatural thriller with a tantalizing slow-burn romantic element. So, why do I think fans of Coven of Secrets will LOVE this show?

  1. While there are familiar notes to this iteration of Nancy Drew, it’s an entity unto itself. I love that it’s gone kind of in the same vein as Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in that it’s taken these familiar elements you knew and loved as a kid and matured them in the best way imaginable. It’s a fabulous combination of nostalgic and noir. It’s darker, grittier, sexier, and all around more grown-up in the most satisfying of ways.
  2. Like Roxy, Nancy is a flawed, wounded, and complex heroine. To me, this version of Nancy is the most real and relatable version yet. Actually, the entire cast of characters is insanely well-developed. Nobody is what they seem like when you first meet them. Everybody’s got secrets and wounds, and the chemistry is insanely stellar.
  3. Two words: supernatural thriller. If you loved the elements of magic and murder in Coven of Secrets, you’re going to adore the haunting plots and chilling murder mysteries waiting for you in The CW’s Nancy Drew.

I hope you guys enjoy this first installment of my “Saturday At the Movies” recommendations. I know you’ll enjoy The CW’s Nancy Drew, and if you’re anything like me and love paranormal romantic suspense, then consider grabbing my latest book Coven of Secrets – Once touched by darkness, always tainted. Roxanne Cole swore off magic for a reason. But now her little sister Kathryn has gone missing, and the only person willing to help is her pretty-boy nemesis, Ray Hammond. Roxy’s not sure she can trust him, but with nowhere else to turn, she’s forced into an uneasy alliance.


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