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I’m so excited to be working with a new newsletter delivery provider, but that doesn’t mean the transition hasn’t had hiccups. 

In relation to the new newsletter provider, I think we need to have an honest, heart-to-heart discussion, guys. This isn’t a conversation I ever expected to have with my readers, but I feel it’s necessary.

I only want to deliver my newsletters to readers who actually want and benefit from them. That’s why I require readers to double opt-in for my newsletter by confirming their subscription. Readers can only receive newsletter emails from me if they signed up for the C. J. Beaumont newsletter either through a giveaway, forms on my websites and landing pages, or a link in the back of one of my books. Readers can also unsubscribe at any time via the unsubscribe links at the bottom of the email.

only transferred mailing list contacts who showed as subscribed in the previous provider to the new provider, but I got an email from someone who said their previous attempts to unsubscribe had failed. I don’t know why they failed when I was with the previous provider. I do know that I took immediate action to respect that reader’s wishes and remove the reader from my list.

I also took an extra step to create a spreadsheet so I can make sure that readers who may have the same problem due to issues with my previous newsletter provider do not accidentally re-subscribe to my newsletter in the future. I will be keeping track of any and all instances like this moving forward and making sure that when I offer freebies for signup or participate in newsletter-building giveaways, none of these previously unsubscribed people accidentally get re-added to my newsletter. If you’ve experienced this problem and would like me to manually scrub you from my list on the new service provider, I’ll be happy to do so. You can email me to request removal.

This does mean that readers who choose this option will not be able to sign up for my newsletter to receive future freebies without personally emailing me signed documentation for my records that they have changed their mind and would like to receive emails from me. This is for the reader’s protection as well as mine.

I love my readers and only want to bring value to my bookworm tribe. I look forward to continuing to connect with you on YOUR terms.


C. J. Beaumont

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