In the first positive news I’ve had in a while, I’m doing a 20-day challenge to get my butt in gear on Coven of Shadows, and I’ve actually made REAL PROGRESS on this story for the first time in weeks. 

I’m finishing up the first chapter tonight, and I can’t wait to see what my alpha readers have to say about it! 

Honestly, it just feels so excellent to finally be making progress again. I’m excited to crank this installment out and get going on the rest of the projects I have planned for this year. 

The whole pandemic situation combined with my usual mental health issues threw me off for a minute there, but I’m back at it now!


I am also doing the 20-day challenge to get Seducing the Alpha back on track. Unfortunately, however, I have some news that may affect fans of my Southern Shifters Saga series.

One of the major traditional publishers in the US is attempting to trademark the word “alpha.” If they are successful in doing so, that move could be devastating to indie authors like me. If they succeed in trademarking the word “alpha,” it could force many indie authors like myself to change series and/or book titles that contain “alpha.”

This could severely impact the discoverability of the Southern Shifters Saga, and be incredibly detrimental to my income from that series. If you’re a fan of the Southern Shifters Saga, or any indie book/series containing “alpha,” please share your thoughts about this situation on the social media platform of your choice. Feel free to tag me if you do!