My health struggles have meant that I’ve been significantly slower than I intended to be on this book. Fortunately, though, I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel on this one now! ^_^

I finished off chapter 27 this morning, which means I only have 3 chapters left to write! I’m crazy excited about this series, guys. I’m trying to take a good look at my schedule and figure out if I’m going to be able to rapid-release them or not. I’m also going to run it by my mentor and see what she thinks.

I would LOVE to be able to get all 8 written and then do a rapid release (1 book a month) starting on Halloween, but we’ll just have to see how things play out. I can’t wait to see what my alpha readers, beta readers, and ARC team think of this book!

Talk again soon,

C. J. ♥

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