C. J. Writing Update - 10/25/2019

So, I’m kind of doing a crazy person thing between now and Halloween (a.k.a. completely overhauling the plot on Seducing the Alpha and writing this 50,000-word novel over the next five days). If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been struggling with this book all month long.

I had to take a break from writing it to finish Coven of Secrets to keep that manuscript on time for the locked-in launch plan my amazing mentor developed for me. To be honest, coming back to this project was hard because, after working with a genuinely amazing editor, I noticed a TON of things wrong with it that I wouldn’t have caught before.

So, here’s hoping I can survive and produce this 50,000-word novel in the next five days and also be genuinely happy with the product I’m putting out. Here’s hoping I can, so send me good vibes, guys!

P. S. Indy does not care AT ALL that I’m busy working on an insane word count goal for the next 5 days. He just wants all the attention ever.