Outfoxing the Alpha

A sexy ex-boyfriend. A family heirloom. A shocking secret.

Joelle Riddle dumped Marcus Swift for a reason. All his lying and sneaking around seemed to point to a pretty obvious conclusion, and she deserved better.

Unfortunately for Jo, she was so angry that she stormed out without grabbing her favorite necklace—a gold chain with her recently deceased grandfather’s Lodge ring hanging on it. She wants nothing more than to get it back, but she refuses to talk to Marcus to make that happen.

The obvious solution is to sneak in his place and steal it back while he’s not home. It's just Jo's luck that things don't go according to plan as she's suddenly thrust into a world of supernatural secrets beyond anything she's ever expected.

Readers who love the Carina Press Sexy Bits line for its short, sexy reads and Laurell K. Hamilton's hotter than hell supernatural lovers, as well as those who love the romantic misunderstandings and mishaps of the hit romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You film, will devour this novelette prequel to the Southern Shifters Saga series.

One click today to fall in love with a steamy new paranormal romance series that's sure to make you swoon!

About the Author

C. J. Beaumont is a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romances.

C. J. is a self-proclaimed lover of stories about vampires, shifters, witches, and pretty much every aspect of the paranormal. When you combine that with the fact that she's a lifelong romance novel addict, it only makes sense that she decided to write paranormal romance books. She also loves setting her stories in real locations throughout the South. She adores the places she grew up in, and she can't wait to share that Southern charm with y'all.

C. J. is currently working on a free book she plans on giving to all her subscribers, so keep your eyes peeled for updates regarding Banished.

C. J. also has a shifter romance series coming out in 2019, and book 1 of the Southern Shifters Saga will ONLY be available in a special, limited-time boxed set - Fated Mates.

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