Curses, Lies, and Alibis

The Bayshore Witch Legacy – Prequel

One botched spell rips Roxanne Cole’s life apart at the seams.

The only true magic left on Earth hides in the bloodlines of the Bayshore Coven, a coven that forbids underage witches from practicing magic in the Earthly Realm. Long ago, Hecate—goddess of witchcraft—warned their Olympian-blessed ancestors to conceal their true nature at all costs.

Hecate also warned the Bayshore witches never to practice magic before attending Hecate Academy. Roxy should obey the Coven’s rules, but after years of being invisible to her crush—and worse, bullied by his vicious on-again, off-again girlfriend—she can’t take it anymore.

When she meets Kris, a rebellious sorcerer, in her dual-enrollment night classes at Bayshore Community College, her worldview is shattered. He challenges everything she thought she knew, raising disturbing concerns. If magic exists outside the Bayshore Coven, then the archaic rules imposed by a long-absent goddess must be wrong. Or, perhaps, their rules are tools being used to manipulate young witches into blind compliance.

Willing to take her chances, Roxy performs a spell to make Ray Hammond notice her, but it goes horribly wrong and she is unprepared for the consequences of unleashing the vast power coursing through her veins.

The magical aesthetic of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets the social issues of Thirteen Reasons Why in this gripping free prequel to C. J. Beaumont’s The Bayshore Witch Legacy series.

Author’s Note: The Bayshore Witch Legacy is a slow-burn paranormal romantic suspense series that touches on tough and potentially triggering real-world issues that the characters deal with along their journeys. Roxanne Cole, the protagonist of the series, has a traumatic past, and those traumas have very much affected who she is and how she handles things. If you are concerned about potential triggers, please be sure to read the trigger warning page prior to diving into the story.

About The Bayshore Witch Legacy

Roxanne Cole’s little sister Kathryn turned the world upside-down when she outed witches as real, then disappeared without a trace. Now members of the coven are turning up dead, and the longer Kat’s missing, the more desperate Roxy is to find her…so desperate, in fact, that she’s hired her pretty-boy nemesis, P.I. Ray Hammond, to help her find Kat and ensure that she’s not the next witch to die.

Follow Roxy and Ray through this up-and-coming slow-burn paranormal romance series as they race against time and prophecy to save the only family Roxy has left.

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