Coven of Shadows

The Bayshore Witch Legacy – Book 3

Roxanne Cole thought she knew the consequences of reconciling with Shadow. Now she’s locked in a battle of wills over who will control her body and her magic. The worst part: she is her own worst enemy.

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About The Bayshore Witch Legacy

Roxanne Cole’s little sister Kathryn turned the world upside-down when she outed witches as real, then disappeared without a trace. Now members of the coven are turning up dead, and the longer Kat’s missing, the more desperate Roxy is to find her…so desperate, in fact, that she’s hired her pretty-boy nemesis, P.I. Ray Hammond, to help her find Kat and ensure that she’s not the next witch to die.

Follow Roxy and Ray through this up-and-coming slow-burn paranormal romance series as they race against time and prophecy to save the only family Roxy has left.

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