Book Talk: Coven of Secrets

My health struggles have meant that I’ve been significantly slower than I intended to be on this book. Fortunately, though, I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel on this one now! ^_^ I finished off chapter … Continued

Awakened Book Blitz

AwakenedMoni Boyce (The Oracle Chronicles, #1)Publication date: July 9th 2019Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Secret lineage, a ruthless vampire, and forbidden love. Willow Stevens dreams of stardom are eclipsed by the real nightmares of a sinister man haunting her dreams. Unbeknownst … Continued

The Gauntlet Book Blitz

The Gauntlet Rebecca Ethington (Imdalind Academy #1)Publication date: July 8th 2019Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult ‘Running a revolution is easy when you have a little bit of illegal magic on your side.’ -Gemma The only way you can receive magic is … Continued

25 Reasons To Check Out Fated Mates

25 Reasons to Check Out Fated Mates ASAP: Don’t forget to enter to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway by clicking the image at the top of the page!

The Blood Hunter’s Dragon Update | 28 March 2019

I’ve got another The Blood Hunter’s Dragon update for you! I’m kind of dead on my feet, but I feel so accomplished right now. For those of you who don’t know, I’m trying to write a 24,000-word novelette over the … Continued

The Blood Hunter’s Dragon Update | 21 March 2019

I hate to admit that I’ve been struggling and procrastinating with this story for a while now, but I’ve finally got an update for you on The Blood Hunter’s Dragon. I finished up tweaking and polishing my outline for this … Continued

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