C. J. Beaumont

USA Today bestselling author C. J. Beaumont writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories filled with wild love and mysterious magic. A lifelong book addict, mental health awareness advocate, coffee lover, and certified chocoholic, she constantly chases her fierce (and often quirky) characters through chilling adventures and wild worlds.

When she’s not casting her spell on the witches, shifters, gods, and vampires who keep her busy, she spends her time reading, obsessing over the CW’s Nancy Drew, watching reruns of Arrow and Once Upon a Time, playing Skyrim with her kiddo, tending her small menagerie of rescue animals, traveling, and getting into delightful trouble on little adventures with her fun-loving rogue husband.

Her passion for writing comes second only to her worship of reading. If you’re a fan of her books, she recommends you check out Alice Hoffman and Sarah J. Maas. They’re her heroes.

C. J. lives in Baldwin County, Alabama, splitting her time between Bay Minette and Orange Beach. She travels often for a variety of reasons including family fun, writing research, writing retreats, visiting faraway friends, and taking romantic getaways with her husband whenever possible. Some of her favorite travel destinations and activities include the Smoky Mountains, Caribbean cruises, racetracks (where her husband and brother-in-law drive hard and sometimes scare the bejesus out of her), and various theme parks.
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Curses, Lies, and Alibis

Curses, Lies, and Alibis

eBook: $0.99

Roxy knows she should obey her Coven’s rules. After all, the only true magic left in the Earthly Realm hides in the bloodlines of the Bayshore Coven. Long ago, Hecate — goddess of witchcraft — warned their Olympian-blessed ancestors to conceal their true nature at all costs.

But after years of being invisible to her crush — and worse, bullied by his vicious on-again, off-again girlfriend — Roxy can’t take it anymore. Now, she’s a witch on a mission to change the crap hand the universe dealt her, and she’s willing to risk banishment or worse to make it happen.

When she meets a rebellious sorcerer in her dual-enrollment night classes at Bayshore Community College, her worldview is shattered. Kris challenges everything she thought she knew, raising disturbing concerns. If magic exists outside the Bayshore Coven, then the archaic rules imposed by a long-absent goddess must be wrong. Or, perhaps, their rules are tools being used to manipulate young witches into blind compliance.

Emboldened by Kris’ influence and willing to take her chances, Roxy performs a spell to make Ray Hammond notice her, even though she knows what she’s doing is forbidden. When the spell backfires, she is unprepared for the consequences of unleashing the vast power coursing through her veins.

Still, better to ask forgiveness than permission...right?

If you liked Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman or Cate Tiernan's Sweep series, you'll love this introduction to C. J. Beaumont's up-and-coming young adult slow burn paranormal romantic suspense series, The Bayshore Witch Legacy.

Dive in and start Roxy's heart-pounding saga today.

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Coven of Secrets
Coven of Lies
Outfoxing Her Mate

Outfoxing Her Mate

$4.99eBook: FREE IN KU or $0.99

Now Available in Kindle Unlimited!

A sexy ex-boyfriend. A family heirloom. A shocking secret.

Joelle Riddle dumped Marcus Swift for a reason. All his lying and sneaking around seemed to point to a pretty obvious conclusion, and she deserved better.

Unfortunately for Jo, she was so angry that she stormed out without grabbing her favorite necklace—a gold chain with her recently deceased grandfather’s lodge ring hanging on it. She wants nothing more than to get it back, but she refuses to talk to Marcus to make that happen.

The obvious solution is to sneak in his place and steal it back while he’s not home. It's just Jo's luck that things don't go according to plan as she's suddenly thrust into a world of supernatural secrets beyond anything she's ever expected.

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Mistletoe Marked
Possessing the Alpha

Possessing the Alpha

Despite preparing her entire life to accept her blood legacy, Lucy Blackburn won’t inherit the role as seamlessly as her ancestors—if she can even manage to inherit it at all. And her failure to do so could mean the extinction of her pack.

All it takes is three little words from the pack beta—“You’re not ready.”—and all of her hard work and hundreds of years of tradition are destroyed. With a pack of lawless coyotes moving into the Blackburn wolfpack’s territory, a war is on the horizon...with no alpha around to save them.

Lucy should be fighting for her rightful place as alpha to save her people, but the more time she spends with the pack beta, the more dangerous her attraction to him becomes. If she fails to overcome the distraction, his ruling may spell an end to the Blackburn Legacy. Forever.

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Seducing the Alpha
Challenging the Panther: Shifters for a Cause

Challenging the Panther: Shifters for a Cause

eBook: $3.99

Countdown to Release Day:

It takes a village...

When ten-year-old Kevin comes down with Uniform Shifter’s Disease—a blood disorder that would eventually prevent him from shifting between his animal form and his human—one small town will band together and do whatever it takes to fight an insidious disease affecting the shifters who live among them.

From Wolves to Dragons to Possums, and everything in between, the single shifters are going up for auction! Sold to the highest bidders, for twenty-four hours anything goes—and some might even find their fated mates.

When times get tough, the tough get dates with sexy shifters, all for a good cause.

★★★ Authors Featured in Shifters For A Cause ★★★

Laura Greenwood
Margo Bond Collins
C. J. Beaumont
Krista Ames Author
Sapphire Winters
Joel Crofoot
Elvira Bathory
Payne Craven
Rebecca Lovell
JP Uvalle
Cass Alex
Marissa Nofer
Andra Dill
Annamarie Gardner
McKayla Schutt
Melissa Bell

About Challenging the Panther by C. J. Beaumont

Exclusively Available in Shifters for a Cause

The heart wants what the heart wants, even if it’s dead wrong.

Antisocial panther shifter Garrett Black has no desire to return to his hometown, but when he’s asked to help raise funds in the search for a cure for Uniform Shifters Disease, he can’t say no.

He regrets the decision to agree the instant he steps into the spotlight at the bachelor and bachelorette auction. Terrified that he won’t draw any bids, an instant bid catches him by surprise.

His high school nemesis, billionaire heiress Holly McQueen, just bid a million dollars on twenty-four hours and a date with Garrett. Suspicious, guarded, and nursing old wounds, this panther is going down swinging, million dollars or not.

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